Relocating after Graduation

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Relocating after Graduation

This is a guest post by our Intern Campus Ambassador Kellyn Roy from University of North Florida.

There are a lot of elements to take into consideration when you are deciding whether or not to make the big move after graduating. This move may not be very far in relation to where you are now.

An important question to consider is where are you coming from and where do you want to go? For starters, how do you know which is the right city for you? Do you want a big city, bright lights lifestyle or do you prefer a small town homey feel? Once you have picked your city, the job search begins.

A major element in moving is finding a job. Upon graduating it is wise to get yourself started onto websites such as Monster Jobs or Linked In. These sites allow you to set up a profile and upload your resume as well as help you find entry-level jobs in the city of your choice. Sending out your resume to companies and agencies anywhere from three to four months in advance is a wise decision. Always remember, having an internship on your resume shows that you have put to use what you have learned and can help to greater your chances in the workforce. Once you have submitted your resume, it is a great idea to make cold calls and follow up with the companies and agencies you have reached out to. Once you have established your city and are heading in the right direction with finding a job, housing is the next element.

There are plenty of websites out there designed to helping you find exactly what you are looking for whether it be a studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom. Keep in mind being in a new city and not knowing anyone, it may be in your benefit to consider living with a roommate.Living with a roommate is a great way for you to start meeting new people, especially if they are local.

Moving to a new city and starting a job after graduation are very exciting things to look forward to. Just keep in mind where you want to live, job searching, and housing. Planning ahead will help to ensure the best results.