Riding Boots – Fall and Winter Trends

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Riding Boots – Fall and Winter Trends

This blog is written by Victoria R, our Campus Ambassador at West Virginia University. She is majoring in Public Relations and will graduate May 2014. This is Victoria&s first step into the intern world, and she hopes to internship this summer.

Walking around campus lately, I couldn’t help but notice the latest trend that almost every girl has caught onto. Riding boots. They’re everywhere! So if you haven’t caught onto the riding boot trend lately, don’t worry there’s still plenty of time get in on it. For starters, riding boots aren’t just for the tall girls with long legs. There are so many different types of boots out there for every height! If you’re short, look for a boot that goes about an inch or two below the knee. This will help to make sure the boots don’t make you look short. Tall girls however, can wear the boots above the knee, as these boots will help to elongate your legs.

Now where to get these boots you ask? Just about everywhere! If your price range is around $70 and above, try DSW.com. They have some great boots in every kind of different length. If your budget isn’t so high, definitely try target and target online. Target has amazing boots this year. They have them in all shades of brown, and black and most are around $50 or below. And for an even lower budget, try Payless online, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe. All three of those places offer great boots at a discounted price.

The riding boots are also great, because they are so easy to dress up or dress down. Wear your riding boots to class and around campus just by wearing them with your favorite skinny jeans. You can dress the boots up by putting on your favorite little black dress, and wearing a leg warmer that sticks outside of the boot just a little bit. This gives your boots an accessory almost, and helps to make your outfit look even more fashionable.

So if you haven’t already stopped reading and gone on all of the websites I mentioned, make sure you do! When it gets to be freezing this winter, you’ll be happy you have a fashionable boot to make you look nice and fashionable!