Rock Out Your Resume!

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Rock Out Your Resume!

This is a blog written by our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Lacey, from Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Statistics say that the average employer spends only 10 seconds looking at a resume. For me, that is a completely scary thought. Since I’ll be graduating next spring and I’ll be sending out lots of resumes, it’s been quite the task to think of a way to express my personality, qualities, and experience on one sheet of paper.

<p>I recently stumbled upon this website: <a href= and it made me think about how creative people can get with their resumes! This guy, Matthew Epstein, created a video to accompany his resume stating “Hello Google. My name is Matthew Epstein. I want to join your product marketing team, bad.” How awesome!

Here’s another example:

Melissa Washin is a graphic designer who also loves to sew. She showed off both skills to employers when she brought her fabric resume to her first interview and landed the job! Check out more of her work at

Sure, these examples are quite over the top, but I think they convey an important message: show yourself in your resume! If you have a talent or skill, be willing and open to share that with employers. Show them that your resume is worth pulling out of the pile!

Happy interning!