Run After What You Want (Literally)

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Run After What You Want (Literally)


Today I spoke at Columbia College's LA Program Headquarters and chatted up the students about internships. The class was great and perfect for my entertainment/communications niche. One student in particular sticks out in my mind because when I left the class, she came running down the hall after me. She had a question and didn't want to ask in front of the class. She is really passionate about a few internships on my site and her running after me, definitely showed me that she wasn't lazy. Of course, I won't share her question, but I will remember her. By running down the hall, she really showed me that she cared about these positions and I will expect to see big things in the future. It's true what they say, run after what you want.

Run After What You Want (Literally) | Intern Queen Inc.


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