A Savy Saving Intern, is a Smart Intern

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A Savy Saving Intern, is a Smart Intern

This blog is written by Jackie, our campus ambassador from University of New Hampshire.

Cash flow is easier to monitor than charged purchases on your credit card. Take out cash at the beginning of each week and use it to pay for your lunch (if you opt to not bring it in, the cheapest route) and other necessities. This way you can keep track of how much you spend on a weekly basis instead of being surprised by monthly credit card bills.

Where you store your cash is also important. Do not rely on only a wristlet! Instead, use a wallet to organize your cards and cash. This way it is easier to manage than if it is all thrown together. Suggestion: if you wish to be green or purchase a more interesting affordable wallet go to: www.naturallife.com.

Do not open credit card accounts at stores unless you are ready to accept all responsibility. Since you are sticking to cash, this is most likely not a problem but I will still warn you. Sure opening an account and getting 20 percent off your first purchases sounds great but keep in mind that it could have long-term negative percussions on your credit if you are not on top of payments.

Another money saving tip I would suggest if buying online is: utilizing coupons. Every time you place an order online search the company website name followed by ‘coupon’. If a coupon is available for use, type in the code at the end of your order. I have saved as much as twenty dollars at a time with this simple step.

Lastly, once your closet is full of professional work clothes do not splurge on dry cleaning. Your home dryer or local Laundromat’s is a quick alternative. Throwing outfits in the dryer de-wrinkles them! This is a great invention for people who are known to burn through clothes when ironing, like myself.