Saying Goodbye To My Graduating Ambassadors

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Saying Goodbye To My Graduating Ambassadors  blog image

Saying Goodbye To My Graduating Ambassadors

Last week, we officially said goodbye to our Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors that are graduating in the coming months. I didn't realize it would be a such a big deal until that day came. I sat by my computer with tears in my eyes and wrote them all a very sappy "I love you so much and always will" note on our Intern Queen Ambassador Facebook Page.

I just want to publicly state how proud I am of all of our graduating seniors. Some of these students came to me when the Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Program was just an idea...just a thought. They helped build and develop the program into what it has become today. These students represent the ambitious young people of tomorrow - they will go on to do amazing things and I'm so lucky to have them in my life and Intern Queen Family.

To all of you - may you go on to do amazing things and never forget to take initiative - put yourself out there - and NEVER NEVER take "NO" for an answer.

I love you all - my little rockstars.


Lauren Berger
"The Intern Queen"

Our graduating Intern Queen Ambassadors include:

Alexandra Abel
Alison Berman
Danielle Gagliardi
Jeanette Bravo
Jenn Magnusson
Jessica Bedore
Joanna Mackow
Kimberly Osborne
Korrie Olszewski
Lacey Nygard
Laura Morton
Lauren Emerick
Liz Bartlein
Megan Goodell
Melanie Starling
Melinda Price
Michelle Langer
Mollie Anderson
Monika Mackow
Nina Jaksic
Sara Gaona
Sara Newton
Sarah Fitterer
Saya Arakawa
Stephanie Takach
Tomeka Kolleh