School vs. Outside Work

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School vs. Outside Work

This blog is written by Mollie, our campus ambassador from Northern Michigan University!

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard from my parents and family how important my grades are and how imperative it is that I try my absolute hardest in my classes. Granted, I listened to them and I still do believe that it is a good rule to follow – but one thing that I have come to realize over my college career is that taking what you learned in the classroom and applying it to real life is just as important - here’s why!

The Hookup Remember:  Most of your professors, the faculty, and the administration were once working in their respective field. Not only do they know what they are talking about, but they have connections! They can put you in contact with potential internships and employers that you would have never been able to find on your own. I pretty much live and die for PRSSA and from that I have gained a close personal relationship with our advisor, a man who is widely respected in the PR field. Basically, you should make friends with the faculty!

The Resume When you look at my resume, roughly 99.99% of it is the things that I do outside of the classroom. The only thing that tells a potential employer anything about my studying habits is one small number. Yes, if that one small number starts with a zero, we might have a problem - but generally you are going to be looked at by what you have done in your field rather than what you have done sitting in a desk. Don’t get me wrong, a solid GPA helps, but if you can fill up the rest of the page, you’re in good shape!

The Social Life Networking. Being involved on campus gives you endless opportunities to meet and mingle with tons of students who are in the same boat as you. Maybe that guy you do volunteer work with has an uncle who works in your field and can put you in contact with him. You can also bounce off ideas with other students about job opportunities and experiences. Maybe that person you meet is looking for an internship and doesn’t know about Intern Queen – and you can be the first person to tell them!

So, I’m not saying you should skip class every day and all will be good, but I am saying that you should think about joining an organization on campus that can benefit you in the long run. Something that you even have a slight interest in can turn into an extremely beneficial experience. You only live once.