Science Internships to Apply for and Consider!

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Science Internships to Apply for and Consider!

On, we typically post a lot of business, marketing, and communications internships on the site. We rarely have opportunities that live in the science field! For all of you STEM students out there, we wanted to provide a list of really cool science opportunities that have come across my desk. Check out the list of science-related internships below:

Skin Care & Clinical Research Internship at Mary Kay Cosmetics (Addison, Texas) This lab-based internship gives you a behind the scenes look into what it takes to create a cosmetics line. Interns will work in research and development, studying cells, and the creation of different skincare products. There is no listed deadline on this opportunity. 

Science Internship at The Society for Women’s Health Research (Washington DC) This non-profit organization focuses on improving women’s health. The science internship is research-based. This student will focus on reviewing women’s health studies found both online and in science-based publications. 

Applied Physics Lab Internship Program at NASA (Laurel, Maryland) Many students dream of interning at NASA. The students who are part of the APL internship, receive a stipend of $4,500 if they are undergrad and $5,500 if they are graduate students. They also receive housing at the University of Maryland. The deadline is March 25, 2016 so make sure you apply now!

Climate Change Internship at NASA (New York, NY) Both undergrad and high school students are eligible to apply for this internship. The deadline to apply is March 1st, 2016. With this summer internship, students work directly with NASA scientists to study climate change. 

Device Evaluation Internship Program at the FDA (Washington DC) If you are interested in pursuing a career in science, engineering, or medicine, check out this internship. Students will have the opportunity to test out different medical devices before they are released into the marketplace. 

Software Engineering Internship at HP (Houston, Texas) These interns will work to support the different engineering teams at HP who are working on new products and solutions. There is no application deadline but the internship was recently posted so apply ASAP! 

Extreme Blue Technical Internship at IBM (Opportunities in Texas and North Carolina) Interns will have the opportunity to oversee the patent process for new IBM products. They will also get an exclusive look at product development. There is no deadline listed for the opportunity. Regardless, apply as soon as you can.

Vehicle Engineering Internship at General Motors (Detroit, Michigan) Interns work with the concept and vehicle integration group and have the opportunity to assist with the design of new vehicles. Students will learn the fundamentals of design and also understand how to solve design issues. 

Manufacturing Engineering internship at General Motors (Detroit, Michigan) For an engineering student looking to get a variety of experience, this internship could be best for you. These interns and co-ops will rotate through a series of different departments; quality engineering, industrial engineering, electrical, and more. 

Engineering Internship at Boeing (Oklahoma City, OK) This internship program is top-ranked and known for being well structured. At Boeing, interns are all provided mentors (definitely, a perk!) and work 12 weeks during the summer. These interns work in the operations division of Boeing and get a wide range of exposure. 

Lewis University (Virtual Programs) And finally, if you are looking for educational opportunities and higher degree programs in the science fields, check out Lewis University. Lewi's University's online master's in data science degree is ideal for students looking for work in marketing, finance, data science, data analysis, health care, public policy, and more. The program offers two concentrations, one in biology and bioinformatics and the other in computer science.

For more resources and information on science-related opportunities check out this comprehensive list of science internships HERE , and this article from WIRED  on top summer internships (note, a few deadlines have already passed).

Photo by Anna McNaught.