The Scoop on Ice Cream

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The Scoop on Ice Cream

If you’re anything like me, you have a sweet tooth. Sometimes the only thing that can fulfill that sweet craving is a scoop of something cold and creamy! I didn’t understand the difference between ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt until I did some research and had enough experience with all of them.

So here is the scoop:

Ice Cream:
-Made from milkfat
-Contains more fat
-More calories
-Widest variety of flavors

Best when:
Watching your favorite romantic comedy
Making sundaes with family/friends
Served with cake
Eaten out of a cone.

Best places for it (that I’ve tried):
Honey Hut, Mitchell’s, Kilwin’s, United Dairy Farmers

-Denser (less air)
-More fruit flavors offered (made with real fruit)
-Rarely sugar-free
-Wide variety of flavors, more intense flavors
-Melts faster
-Harder to find (except in Italy!)

Best when:
Traveling or exploring
Craving a light summer treat.

Best places for it (that I’ve tried):
Pacuigo’s, Gelataria La Carraia (Florence, Italy)

(As a student who is currently studying abroad in Italy, I’d have to say that Gelato alone has fulfilled all of my sweet tooth dreams!)

Frozen Yogurt:
-Made with cultured milk
-Often contains artificial sweeteners
-Many toppings offered
-Most likely contains the least amount of calories
-Often has a tart flavor

Best when:
Craving a cold refreshing treat eaten with a lot of toppings
Looking for a healthier alternative to ice cream

Best places for it (that I’ve tried):
Pinkberry, Menchie’s, BTO Yogurt (Oxford, OH)

I truly believe that there is a time and a place for each type of ice cream. All are sources of calcium. So next time your sweet tooth is craving a scoop of something delicious, remember these facts to help you indulge your appetite!

This blog was written by Courtney Voegele, our Campus Ambassador from Miami University. You can follow her on Twitter @Courbs102.