Search Engine Job-timization

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Search Engine Job-timization

This is a post by our campus ambassador Caitlin Pfaff from Florida State University.

Have you ever fantasized about your future job? Where you would be living? What title you would have?

Exploring the endless possibilities of the future on websites like could lead to some beneficial insights.  First of all, if you’re not picky about what city you would like to live in, you can discover what regions of the country would be great for your career.  When I was looking for jobs in the Marketing/Public Relations area, I was surprised to find that there were many cities in Texas hiring for this profession.

Searching online for jobs also has given me a greater insight into what employers are looking for in a potential employee.  Many companies are looking for experience.  Sometimes when you don’t have years in the profession working in your favor, internships and campus involvement can help make you marketable for a job that you may not have certain qualifications.

Seeing what characteristics employers are looking for are helpful for interviews and knowing what skills to further develop.  I noticed that organization, customer service oriented, and creativity were all overlapping traits that employers are looking for.  I’ve been taking my experiences as an opportunity to develop these skills.

What have Internet Job Search Engines done for you?