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Secret Sharing

This blog was written by Alex, our Binghamton University Campus Ambassador. If you attend Binghamton and would like to blog for us, Comment Below!
Secrets can be fun. Most of the time they stay between friends, vaulted up never to be let out. But you know that feeling you get when you have a juicy secret bursting inside of you that you can’t keep in? That’s how I feel right now. And sometimes, secrets are more fun to share with everyone else. Don’t worry though, what I’m talking about are the INTERN secrets! I had the privilege of attending two panels set up by The first one was how to be an amazing intern and the second one was what it’s like to be an editorial assistant at a major mag. Both panels were full of tips from editors themselves, right there in the same room. We heard funny stories, scary intern horror stories, and a plethora of advice on how to shine at your internship. Just like Intern Queen, Ed2010 does these events to point us in the right direction and help us succeed. I want to pay that forward and share some of the amazing tips from the pros with you! Here are some notable pointers you can take and apply to any internship.

1) Be enthusiastic. No matter what the task is, be excited about it. Big or small, each task is a chance to show your boss how great you are. If you’re excited about the small things, some bigger projects will probably come your way!

2) Be proactive. Do your editors have a binder that they update every time a new issue comes out? Does your boss always get coffee at 3:00 p.m.? Don’t always wait until you’re asked for things to do them. Updating that binder without asking, or offering to get your boss some coffee before she asks you or gets it herself can go a long way. It may seem small, but these things get noticed!

3) Send a holiday card and hard copies of your work. We have all heard that staying in touch is important. But how do you do that exactly? E-mails are good once in awhile to check in, but nothing compares to a piece of hard mail. Send a holiday card in the mail or a card for something different like Groundhog’s Day! If you work on your school paper, send a copy of it and flag an article you wrote. It’s an interesting way to stay in touch and will help them remember you.

4) Take a look around. Learning opportunities can come from even the simplest tasks. If you are given the task to take edits around the office and deliver them to another editor, glance at them beforehand and see what changes were made. Just doing that can turn the assignment into a way to learn something new. Also take a look at your colleagues. Find someone in the office that you emulate and strive to be like him or her. Having this person in the role model position will help you strive to be great, like them.

5) Smile! Cheesy? Maybe. But true? Oh yes. Each one of the editors mentioned how important it is to smile. Act like what you’re doing is the best thing in the world (which for many of us- it is!) and be happy to be interning there because chances are, you were chosen over a lot of other people for the opportunity. A smile is easy, and although it can be small, it will contribute to the workplace in a big way!

Good luck, and please feel free to leave your own tips in the comments section below. For more upcoming events like these, keep checking Intern Queen and!