Seize All Opportunities

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Seize All Opportunities

This summer I had the privilege to attend two summer Greek leadership institutes.  They were different from your typical leadership conferences in that there were not several sessions where you got to pick and choose what you wanted to learn.  Everything was either done in large or small groups and both included times for individual reflection and action planning.  At both conferences I ultimately learned about the importance and significance of group dynamics and the impact that collaboration can have on a group of people.

Both institutes gave me the chance to learn that networking is not solely about passing out a business card or getting someone’s email.  Networking is something that can happen anywhere at anytime.  It is crucial to make sure that you don’t just build up a bunch of contacts throughout your networking experiences, but to make sure that you build relationships with people you meet.  Remember, it’s quality that matters, not quantity.

I left both of these institutes feeling empowered and enabled to serve as a positive facilitator for change in my communities.  I was also reminded about the importance of values in fraternities, sororities and leadership.

I encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities that are presented to you and stay true to yourself and your values.  Opportunities like the ones that were presented to me have left me with a greater understanding of group dynamics, collaboration, networking and feeling inspired.