Should I volunteer at my college’s radio station?

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Should I volunteer at my college’s radio station?

This is a guest post from one of my current ambassadors, Jessica Strassman. Jessica is a junior at UC Santa Cruz, and is a Sociology Major.

When most students begin their college career, they don’t usually think that they will be managing a college radio station while also being a full time student. But, that’s exactly what I do. I’m the Station Manager at UC Santa Cruz’s on campus radio station KZSC.

I began working at KZSC the first day of my freshman year of college. I have always loved music, so the idea of being able to host my own radio show was more than exciting.

This past spring, I ended up being elected as the highest student position for my Junior year. I never thought this would happen, but I am so glad that I did. Running a radio station while being in school is teaching me more than I could have ever imagined. All of my hard work at KZSC for the past two years has definitely paid off.

So how can you get involved with your on campus college radio station?

  • Contact the station! Let them know you are interested in volunteering, and see what their requirements are.
  • Start volunteering! Get in there and start helping out. Volunteering anywhere is a useful experience, and if you are interested in radio, then you could have your very own radio show!
  • Complete all of the requirements at your radio station, and get a radio show!
  • Work your way up and obtain a governing board or management position at your college radio station.

Working at your campus’s college radio station is a great way to get involved. Whether you are a communications major, or just want to learn all there is to radio broadcasting, working at your college radio station will be a memorable experience. Not only am I now capable and producing my own radio show but, I am currently learning management skills that will help me in future jobs for the rest of my life.