Should You Intern at the Same Company Twice?

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Should You Intern at the Same Company Twice?

Interning at the same company twice is a highly-debated conversation. Some say you should get as many diverse experiences as possible, but others may argue that if you enjoyed your experience, and plan to work in that industry, why not? Below are some pros and cons for interning at the same company for a second time.

1. Compensation.
I returned for a second summer at a corporation for financial reasons. This can be a huge reason to return if the offer is too good to refuse, and some companies offer compensation to returning interns. Just make sure it isn’t the ONLY reason you are returning. Make sure the experience aspect is there.

2. Relationship-Building.
Returning to a company means strengthening relationships and potentially securing a job offer post-graduation. If you see yourself working at this company for your first job, this is an excellent way to show you are serious about a position in the future. These relationships may even lead to new opportunities via mutual connections.

3. More experience.
Just because you are interning at the same company does not mean you have to take on the same responsibilities, or even work in the same department. This might be an excellent opportunity to explore different facets of the company and see what department you like best. Many employers do not mind if you have interned at the same company twice, but like to see that you expanded your skill sets and benefitted from a new experience.

1. The same experience.
If you decide to return to a company for round #2, make sure your experience is going to be worthwhile. Will you be working on the same exact projects as before? Will you get more responsibility? What exactly will you be learning that you haven’t learned before? My advice: do not return if you will not be benefitting professionally.

2. Potential to get locked into an industry.
By interning at a company twice, your resume might skew towards a particular industry or department. Make sure you love the industry you are in and be conscious of the diversity displayed on your resume. It might be good to have internships in retail, entertainment and sports to show your variety of skill sets if you are open to all opportunities. However if you are certain you want to work in the entertainment world, it would highly benefit you to have several internships at different entertainment venues. Your experience can determine where you are eligible to apply in the future.

3. The same company.
If you love the company, this will not be an issue. However, by returning, you are limiting yourself to not experiencing other companies. You have to be willing to explore and dive into new experiences. The comfort of the same company may seem appealing, but will it benefit you in the long run?

Now that you have seen a few pros and cons, what is your opinion on interning at the same company twice? What other questions do you have? We want to know what you think!

This blog was written by Victoria Maggio, Campus Ambassador at Penn State University. She is a junior double majoring in Public Relations and Integrative Arts. Follow her on Twitter @victoriamaggio.