Show Your Appreciation for Those Who've Helped You

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Show Your Appreciation for Those Who've Helped You

This blog was written by Emily Longeretta, a spring intern for InternQueen from SUNY Oswego.
Throughout high school and college, our teachers help us, set us up with internships, teach us the ins and outs of-- well, everything. So, it's time for a littel giving back. If you have that one professor or adviser who really went out of their way to help you, say thank you. And by saying, we mean saying and showing. Here are some of my favorite ways to say thank you to those who've pushed me toward my goals:

1. Edible Arrangements. They get pricey, but there are smaller ones for around $25. You can add a note that says "thanks for all you've done!" It will let them know that you really appreciate all the extra hard work you've done.

2. Gift Cards. While this isn't the most personal way to give a gift, it could be an extremely useful one. Most professors drink coffee on a regular basis, and if you always see them with a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts cup, get them a gift card to those places!

3. A major-related gift. As a journalist, my adviser has read thousands and thousands of words that I've written, including ones in my 2AM "I need help!" emails. So, a cute gift for her would to be a personalized ben with a holder. Things Remembered has these and you can engrave initials (or even "thank you") for a low price! Don't be afraid to be creative and get something that you know they're interested in!

4. Personalized stationary. Professors always are taking notes, leaving notes for others, etc. So, the gift of stationary with a "From the desk of ____" on the top is a cute and creative gift, that they can use every day!

Professors are some of the people who help us reach our dreams, so it's extremely important that we reach out to them, and say thank you.