Simple, Healthy Foods You'll ENJOY

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Simple, Healthy Foods You'll ENJOY

This blog was written by our Virginia Tech campus ambassador, Hillary Pitts.

As we all know, eating healthy while in college is never a simple task. Between the vast amount of fast food available with the swipe of your meal plan, and the storage of noodles you have under your dorm bed -- it's easy to lose track of a healthy lifestyle. Although these suggestions for eating healthy in college are not always easy, they will ensure that you don't sacrifice healthy foods for less expensive options.

- Microwaveable foods are NOT always unhealthy: Although many of the microwaveable options out there are unhealthy, brands like Lean Cuisine and Amy's offer microwaveable (and delicious) healthy foods at an affordable price. You can also find microwaveable snacks, such as steamed veggie bags or dips with pita bread that are healthy as well.

- Load up at the salad bar: Most schools offer salad bars in at least one of the dining halls on campus. My suggestion for these? If you're filling a to-go box, make sure to add items that you can snack on later. This way, you'll be less tempted to venture to the vending machine, since you'll have a healthier snack option available. Chances are these healthy snack options will keep you fuller for longer as well.

- Find out the calories in your favorite foods on campus: Although most campus food options are limited, finding out the nutrition information for the foods you eat most often will truly benefit you. How will this help you, you might ask? By finding out the nutritious value of what you are consuming on a regular basis, you can begin to make adjustments to these foods so that they are more beneficial to you. Adjusting your favorite food options will allow you to keep eating what you enjoy, while also allowing you to make it as healthy as possible.