A Simple Thank You Note Can Make the Difference

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A Simple Thank You Note Can Make the Difference  blog image

A Simple Thank You Note Can Make the Difference

This blog post was written by Natalie Valdes, our Campus Ambassador from Emerson.

Mind your manners - grab a sweater - and don't forget to say THANK YOU! Sound familiar?

These lessons were learned early on in life. By simply saying thank you, you leave a great impression wherever you go. Whether it’s saying thank you to the barista at Starbucks or to the executive after an interview, it matters.

As young professionals, more important than just saying thank you is writing it down. It won’t take more than seven minutes to write a personal thank you note to an internship supervisor. Last year, I interned at a local nonprofit organization in Boston. At the end of the semester, my boss was beginning to hire the summer interns and opened it up to current interns like myself. Only one person sent a hand written thank you letter, expressing her gratitude for the semester she had already interned. Moreover, she outlined goals for the summer if she were to be rehired. My boss was stunned and thankful for such a personal sign of appreciation. To no surprise, she was offered the summer position instantly!

This doesn’t mean you should write a 10 page paper to your supervisor. Upon completion of the internship, send them something personal, reminding your supervisor that you had a great experience or explain how they helped you advance in your career. If you haven’t received a letter of recommendation, you can gently remind them in the thank you note as well.

At the end, I always like to add the all encompassing, “I look forward to working with you again.” You never know when your paths may cross. As Disney never let us forget, it’s definitely a small world after all.