The Skinny on Time Management

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The Skinny on Time Management

This blog post is written by Melinda, our campus ambassador from Miami University of Ohio!

Time management is SUPER important, and it’s especially important to learn before you’re in the working world. College is a great time to perfect this skill since we already have so much on our plates between balancing classes, extracurriculars, internships, and a social life.

Here are some tips to start (or continue!) managing your time in college:

Know Your Schedule. This seems obvious, but is arguably the most important thing to pay attention to—knowing what you need to be doing! Know your due dates, class times, break times, work, and study schedules. Your professors and student orgs will always appreciate the effort you make to be timely, and you’ll appreciate the reduced stress. Using a planner will help you memorize your schedule and work as a reminder in case something slips through the cracks.

Make Lists. Lists are a great way to lay out what you need to get done or to manage what you’re doing. Types of helpful lists can range from to-do lists to comparison lists to pro/con lists, or you can create your own. Just jot down everything from your assignments to your agenda and make a plan based on what you’ve laid out. By checking off the tasks as you accomplish them, you’ll be confident that you’ve completed all the tasks at hand.

Don’t Procrastinate. I know it’s hard, but that paper isn’t getting done on its own. The best way to beat procrastination is to block out time in your schedule to study or write that paper. Think about what your tendencies are when it comes to procrastinating and choose a different location or study time that minimizes those tendencies. You’ll not only get better grades if you’re able to revisit what you wrote or studied, but you’ll also retain more of the information.

Prioritize Your Life. In college and in life, you’ll have to make some sacrifices. For example, if that internship you really wanted coincides with your mandatory exec meetings, you’re going to have to choose which one is more important to you. When prioritizing, think about what is time sensitive, makes you happy, or what will look great on your future applications so you can decide what is on the top of your priority list.

By following these tips and figuring out what works best for you and your schedule, you’re well on your way to a GREAT school year and college career. Good luck!