Skype Interviews: How to Succeed at the New Interview Trend

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Skype Interviews: How to Succeed at the New Interview Trend blog image

Skype Interviews: How to Succeed at the New Interview Trend

This blog is written by Michelle Tarangelo, our CA from Florida State University.
Welcome to the future! It is interview season for us hopeful summer interns and the latest trend is Skype interviews! Since many of us apply to out of state internship, it saves us big bucks when companies offer us the opportunity to have a Skype interview. Today, I survived my first Skype interview and I’d like to share my survival tips with all of you!

Dress to impress:
Just because you are not in the company’s office for the interview, doesn’t mean you should be any less formal. Dress exactly how you would if you were doing an in-person interview (Yes, this includes wearing pants!) Keep your outfit neat without any crazy colors or patterns. Ladies, keep your makeup neutral, your possible employers are not interested in how well you can apply your smokey eyes.

Body language:
Since you are visible on screen you have to remember to sit up straight and pay attention. I know it may feel weird to do, but try looking directly into your webcam rather than at your screen; this will make the interviewer feel like you are looking directly at them and you will come off as very attentive (it will also prevent you from looking like you are reading your answers straight off your computer screen!) Try your best not to fiddle and just relax. Don’t forget to SMILE!!

Be aware of your surroundings:
Make sure your roommates know when your interview is so they won’t barge into your room and interrupt the interview. If you cannot find somewhere in your apartment that is an empty wall back drop, make sure your room is neat with nothing inappropriate visible on screen. Sit at a desk; nothing says lazy like an interviewee on their bed.

Skype check:
Make sure your Skype name is professional; your name would be an appropriate choice. Do a trial run with a friend before the interview to make sure they can see only what you want them to in the background and your connection is up and running well.

Prepare for a Skype interview just as you would for an in-person interview (research the company, come up with sample questions, etc.) Once you survive the interview, don’t forget to send your thank you note! Good luck & happy interviewing!!