Smart Eating on a Budget

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Smart Eating on a Budget

Michelle Langer is one of our campus ambassadors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is a senior majoring in theatre and journalism.

Ever since leaving the dorms and losing the ability to eat a meal in the dining halls, I had to learn how to eat healthy while still staying in my limited food budget.

One of the things that both my roommate and I do is head to the grocery store bi-weekly.  We are lucky to have grocery stores here that sell great, healthy food for a good value.  Also, drive out to the store, rather than hitting up the ones around campus, because the campus stores are able to charge more to their customers.

Also, when I am not able to go home during lunch, I try and pack a lunch as often as possible.  Not only does this save me money from buying things around campus, but I am also able to know what goes into my lunches and that way I am able to know that it is healthy and fresh.

As college students, we often keep really strange hours, meaning that we eat at strange times during the day.  To help combat that late-night desire for some fast-food stop, I always try and keep a couple little baggies of snacks in my backpack.  Something like nuts, pretzels, carrots, etc. help to keep me tide over until I get to make it home and eat a real meal.

The last trick that I use is I always keep a water bottle filled with water in my backpack, not just water, but lemon water.  Studies have shown that water with an acid like lemon will keep you filled up for longer and I find that I am hungry less often.

These are just some of the tricks that I use to keep healthy and under my budget, what do you do?