So You Wanna Move To LA After Graduation?

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So You Wanna Move To LA After Graduation? blog image

So You Wanna Move To LA After Graduation?

I get it. Everyone wants to move to Los Angeles after graduation. And why wouldn't you? It does sound amazing! And I did it too! I moved from Florida to California right after graduation - just a few weeks after graduation. And if I can do it, you can do it. Moving to Los Angeles doesn't have to be a dream, you can make it a reality - and you can do it TODAY! Here are some great tips for those of you wanting to move to Los Angeles after graduation:

1. Before you set a moving date, hire movers, etc. - visit Los Angeles! You want to do what I would call a "planning trip". Make sure you enjoy Los Angeles, drive around, do some touristy stuff, explore the different neighborhoods and pockets that Los Angeles has to offer. Use the trip to identify apartment complexes you might want to live in and to take different meetings.

2. Set up Informational Interviews. When you do your "planning trip" set up informational interviews with companies and people that you might want to work for. To find these contacts to set meetings with use your personal and professional contacts, use LinkedIn, and talk to your school's alumni center.

3. Create a Budget. If you can write it down and add it up - you can make it happen. You must write out a budget. Determine the average rent per month for the apartment buildings that interest you, calculate an average entry-level salary of about 29K a year, and determine how much you will need for food, gas, and entertainment. Let's figure out how we make it work. Even if it means working a weekend job or waiting tables in the evenings at first.

4. Look for a "Bridge Job". If money is really tight and your savings are low, you might consider a "bridge" job. AKA - A job that wil hold you over until you find what you are looking for. If you work for a chain retail store or restaurant, perhaps they can help you transfer to an LA location. If not, during your planning trip, grab some "bridge" job applications. When I moved to LA, I worked at ISLANDS Fine Burgers!