So You Want to Intern in NYC Next Summer?

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So You Want to Intern in NYC Next Summer?

This blog is written by Chandra, our campus ambassador from Florida State University!

This past summer, I interned for a fashion-based PR company and LOVED it! Was is cheap? Of course not. Was it worth it in the end? Absolutely!

If you are seriously considering interning in New York this summer, these are the things you should be doing now:

  • START PLANNING NOW. It might be too early to start applying as most companies will not even start thinking about summer interns until January but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start preparing. Start researching companies & industries that you would love to intern for.  Find contact information for each of these companies. You will be so happy you did this when it actually comes time to apply. You can also use this time to update your resume.
  • LOOK INTO HOUSING OPTIONS. Although some housing companies will not have their 2012 rates up yet, still do your research. Get a feel for the different areas. Create a list of the different rates & time frames. For me, I broke down the rates weekly so I could really tell which residence was the best value. You should also consider finding a roommate and/or subleasing an apartment.

Housing Resources:

Intern Housing:

Columbia University

Educational Housing Services

Fashion Institute of Technology

NYC Intern

NYU Dorms

NYU Law Dorms

School of Visual Arts

Webster Apartments

  • SAVE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Now is the time to get a part-time job to start saving up for your summer in the city. You have EIGHT whole months! Even if you don’t have an internship locked in yet, you will be so glad that you started saving early rather than waiting until you have everything else figured out.
  • NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. Are you on Twitter? AWESOME! Start connecting with people who already live in New York or who will be living/interning in New York this summer. Start following the #summerinthecity hashtag. You might surprise yourself & actually make some really awesome friends. See one of my older posts: Friends at First Tweet.