Social Media Must Have Guide: Renegades Write the Rules

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Social Media Must Have Guide: Renegades Write the Rules  blog image

Social Media Must Have Guide: Renegades Write the Rules

This post was written by Amanda Gallucci, our Campus Ambassador from Providence College in Rhode Island.

Whether you are interning in social media or using social media to network with potential employers in other fields, Amy Jo Martin’s Renegades Write the Rules definitely deserves your attention. Amy Jo tells the story of starting her social media consultancy business, Digital Royalty, and explains how you can become a renegade by utilizing social media to become your own personal media outlet.

Amy Jo’s social media lessons come straight from experience and are filled with real life examples and screenshots of actual Tweets. The book has just the right combination of personal narrative, data, and actionable social media tips. With 1.2 million followers on Twitter (@AmyJoMartin), Amy Jo knows exactly what works and what doesn’t in the social media world. She also started her business back when Twitter was just starting to catch on, so you’ll find that many tactics that are now used regularly were actually first implemented by the Digital Royalty team!

The book is also awesome because it is filled of anecdotes about her many celebrity clients, ranging everywhere from Shaquille O’Neill to The Rock. You’ll find out about the social media strategies behind The Voice, X Factor, Nike and more.

Finally, Amy Jo herself is an inspiration because she was motivated to start her business after a former boss told her that out of work, self, and family, she could only pick two, but she wanted to have all three. This way, Renegades Write the Rules has great tips on how to stay focused on your purpose and how to balance work and life. Amy Jo definitely fits the ideal of all things Intern Queen.

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