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Socially Responsible Fashion

This fashion blog was written by our Campus Ambassador Kristianne Young from Arizona State University. Twitter: @kristianneyoung

A few months ago I was asked to help coordinate a charity fashion show, mind you I had never done so in my life, but I said yes and went to work finding designers, models, caterers, sponsors etc. On February 23rd as the models walked the catwalk and people showed up to see the work of local designers I got to see how fashion could actually make a difference—we raised $6000 to support a local domestic violence shelter and brought awareness to a worthy cause. So this got me thinking, “What are some other ways fashion can make a difference?” As I did my research the answer came in many different forms from shopping (yes believe it or not you can help someone else by shopping for yourself), environmentally friendly manufacturing, and providing work and education for those in third world countries.

Here are few of the ways that your love for fashion can make a difference:

1. Kate Spade’s Women for Women Partnership: This is an instance when buying something for yourself will benefit someone else.

This gorgeous ‘Hand in Hand’ bangle is designed in honor of the Women for Women partnership and 25% of each sale is donated to the organization, which assists thousands of women in war-torn countries rebuild their lives, helping them move towards economic self-sufficiency through business education, job training, and direct aid.

You can find it at:
For more info about Women for Women:

2. Beyond skin: If you want to save the animals then a pair of exquisitely chic vegan shoes is what you need!

Though I will admit that these flats are a splurge at $111 it is one I would be willing to make to know that according to the beyond skin websites, “No humans, animals or small children were harmed in the making of our shoes.”

3. PureDKNY: Spritz yourself with a scent made of ingredients grown by women in sub-Saharan Africa.

DKNY has partnered with CARE to help women become successful and self-sufficient plus their packaging is made of 100% recycled materials.

To purchase visit:
For more info about CARE: