Spice Up Your Lunch Break!

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Spice Up Your Lunch Break!

Whether you have 30 minutes or an hour and a half to spare, a nice lunch break should be part of every workday. Not only is lunch a time for you to fill your belly in preparation for the second half of the day, it also gives you a chance for a mental break from your hectic workday. Sometimes, the act of actually eating occupies only a few minutes; so what do you do with the extra time? You certainly don’t want to sit around bored -- or worse -- return to work earlier than you have to. This is your time! And there are some fun websites out there that can easily be accessed from your personal laptop, iPad, or even your work computer (if permitted, of course).

Get Your Game On!

If you’re like many people, and find yourself bored during your lunch break, then you probably find yourself experimenting with various online games. Whether you’re trying to win big over at www.partybingo.com, or simply playing a game of pool with a buddy online, the possibilities are endless.

Facebook offers has a ton of gaming options, too. Words with Friends is an online game similar to Scrabble that can be enjoyed with anyone; from your Facebook buddies to your coworkers, and even complete strangers. Aside from Words with Friends, developers the world over have created hundreds of different games to entertain most anybody on Facebook.

If you simply just can’t decide on a game on your own, then check out a portal site, such as Miniclip. There, you are presented with a variety of games in a plethora of different categories, ranging from sports and card games to action and adventure games. Your lunch break will never be boring again!

Your Brain May Want a Workout

While most companies and businesses advocate exercise and physical activity during lunch, sometimes you literally just want to make your lunch break, well, a break. However, one of the easiest ways to occupy a little time is to give yourself a mental workout. Allowing your brain to wake up and function will keep you ready and alert for the rest of the work day.

Sporcle, whose subtitle is “mentally stimulating diversions,” is pretty self-explanatory. This site is chock-full of fun little quizzes ranging from naming candy bars to identifying various types of pie based on just a picture. Another popular site for knowledge junkies is Mental Floss, which is a fact-based site completely loaded with random, yet interesting facts, articles, quizzes, etc. Ever wonder why Canadians are always saying “eh?” I bet you could find out on Mental Floss.

Sporcle and Mental Floss are just two of the many sites out there capable of filling your head with random tidbits and senseless knowledge. However senseless it may be though, it is a fun way to kill some time. Although, if you have a mentally-taxing job as it is, you may want to limit how much time you spend on these sites. The last thing you want to do is burn yourself out before the workday is even over!

Cats Eating Bananas?

You better believe it. No matter what you are thinking, it’s likely that someone has a video for it. Therefore, video-sharing sites such as YouTube are quickly becoming the go-to resources for lunch break boredom. Practically everyone has a camera these days, and they are being used excessively to record some of the most random occurrences. While some of those occurrences are quite interesting, others are just plain weird; nonetheless, they are often quite amusing.

YouTube, for instance, is comprised of numerous categories that make finding a certain genre of video fairly simple. If you are a business man by day, but a skateboarder by night, then you can probably lose yourself in the thousands of extreme sports videos available. If you just want to watch a random video, try literally slapping your keyword. You’d be surprised at how many videos there are for “cats eating bananas.”

YouTube is not your only option when it comes to video-sharing sites. There are countless other sites, such as Break and MetaCafe, which offer up all sorts of videos too. Or, if you simply want to catch up on current events, there are a number of sites that feature the day’s news compressed into a tiny podcast.

Rather than watching videos of random people doing random things, perhaps you could be one. You have a phone in your pocket, right? Get it out and film yourself doing just about anything, even if it is just ordering a hotdog at the corner store. Upload it to YouTube and see how many views and comments you get by the time you get off work. sothers, lunch gives us time to unwind and gear up for the rest of our workday. Give yourself a mental break with these fun sites!