Spoil Yourself this Holiday Season

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Spoil Yourself this Holiday Season

This blog is written by Lacey, our campus ambassador from Minnesota State University, Moorhead!

Spoil Yourself this Holiday Season— 4 “Time Management” Tools that are Totally Awesome

Trying to think of a practical gift idea for your Christmas list? Check out this list of things that can be considered time management tools (and are pretty sweet anyways!) If only I had a money tree…

  1. Kindle/Nook. I was very skeptical about e-readers because I like to hold an actual book, but a Kindle or a Nook is perfect when you have some down time (such as in between classes or during your commute to your internship). They’re lightweight and hold thousands of books, so you can take it with you without creating bulk in your bag. You can also read newspapers or blogs and download apps on them. They’re even reasonably priced.
  2. iPad. Although pricy, iPads can basically do everything. It’s like carrying your laptop, iPhone, Kindle/Nook, and the whole internet in one. If you have one, you know it’s really the only thing you need to grab before you leave your house and start your day.
  3. Smart Phone. Whether you’re Windows, Android, or an Apple fan, you can easily argue that a smart phone will totally change your life. You can download apps, surf the internet, and overall manage your life with one small handheld device. Genius!
  4. Metro Passes/ Bus Passes/ Parking Permits. This is dependent on where you’re living/going to school, but having a permanent metro pass card or bus pass will save you time and money if you’re commuting every day. Also, if you drive to your university, having a parking pass will save you time trying to find a spot on the street.

I know a lot of these things are pricy, but with some sweet negotiation skills, you can show your loved ones that these “educational gifts” are only going to improve your life.

Happy Holidays Interns!