Sports Nutrition Guide Part 2: Metabolism

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Sports Nutrition Guide Part 2: Metabolism

This is the second in a three-part miniseries about sports nutrition by Michael Gorin, a junior at Butler University double majoring in Marketing and Economics.

Increasing metabolism is one way to lose weight, and it is a long-term solution that doesn’t detract from the nutritional intake your body requires. Metabolism is basically the rate your body digests food and turns it into energy or uses the nutrients.

If you can increase your metabolism, then you break down food faster, which doesn’t give it a chance to turn into fat. Being active, getting up and walking around instead of being stationary at work, and drinking water are ways to increase metabolism. Here are three other natural ways to increase your metabolism:

Gain Muscle- According to, each added pound of muscle can require up to 50 calories per day to be maintained. Adding muscle to your frame is a long-term solution to successful weight loss, as it allows you to eat all of the necessary nutritional groups without gaining any fat. In addition, the exercise required to build and maintain muscle will increase your metabolism for a minimum of 1-2 hours, as your body uses calories and proteins to recover and rebuild the muscle.
Snack Regularly- Eating regularly is a good way to keep your metabolism going. Rather than eating large meals and storing a high-percentage of food, eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours throughout the day will keep your body going. Small snacks like nuts, apples, and vegetables will keep you full and make your body work hard to digest the food.
Eat High Fiber and High Protein- Fiber stays in your stomach longer, helps stabilize blood sugar, and prevents energy-reducing hunger cravings. Protein provides energy and allows for the best muscle recovery. Looking for one or both of these nutrients in food will keep you energized and strong.