Spring Internships You Must Apply For Today!

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Spring Internships You Must Apply For Today!

Happy Thursday! It’s time for a new internship blog! Last week I shared all the opportunities that are available for anyone who wants to intern in LA this Spring. If you missed this list no worries click HERE to read it through. This week I wanted to share all the amazing opportunities that I think you MUST apply for today! These opportunities are all over the country (some are even virtual) meaning you can complete an internship from home or from your local coffee shop! Take a look at the list below and if you apply for an internship make sure you tweet me @internqueen to let me know!

Marketing/PR internship at Bond No. 9

Intern Abroad in Madrid 

Marketing/PR internship at Ink & Roses 

Marketing internship at Mike Shakaryan Inc. 

Marketing internship at Moira Studio 

Social media and graphic design internship at Just Fab Inc. 

Fashion closet internship at O Magazine 

Writing team internship at College Tourists

PR internship at EJ Media Group 

PR internship at Fournier PR and Consulting 

Fellowship opportunity at the Huffington Post 

PR internship at Behrman PR 

Social Media internship at Behrman PR

Design internship at Lulu Frost 

PR internship at Passion PR Consulting

Photography, Videography, and advertising internships at Tote Magazine

Social media, Editorial and Graphic Design internship at Tote Magazine 

Video production internship at A Change of Art

Marketing internship at Blossm 

Solopreneur/ Corporate Communications internship

Operations internship at Master and Dynamic 

Video internship at Womenworking.com 

Entertainment internship at NBC Universal 

Marketing/PR/Operations Internship at Hampton Sun 

PR internship at Feren Comm 

Fashion internship at Kensie Showroom 

Entertainment internship at CF Talent 

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Pictures by Anna McNaught.