Spruce Up that Drab Winter Outfit!

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Spruce Up that Drab Winter Outfit!

This blog is written by Victoria, our IQ Campus Ambassador from West Virginia University.

When there’s snow coating the ground and it’s freezing cold outside, the last thing I’m thinking about is being fashionable and cute when going to classes. Normally I’m a yoga pants and North Face kind of girl during the winter. However, dressing cute in the cold, sometimes unbearable, months doesn’t have to be hard! Just a few things and you can spice up a boring winter outfit!

First, add a colorful scarf with that plain coat! Anything for a patterned scarf, to a solid bright color will work. By doing this, your adding accessories to your look. Not only will it make you look more put together, but it will also help to keep you warm while walking to classes! Also, try tying your scarf in difference ways. Try a rounded wrap around, or even just a basic knot. Either way, adding a scarf will definitely add some color to your outfit!

Instead of normal boots, or moccasins, try leather riding boot or rain boot. Leather riding boots can be worn with leggings, yoga pants, or jeans. So riding boots match with almost any outfit. Wearing a boot will also help to make your outfit more put together. Rain boots are also a great option. Rain boots come in many different colors and patterns, and are perfect in snowy conditions. Match a rain boot with your scarf and you’ll be good to go!

Finally, pair a cute bag with your outfit. Once again, accessories in the winter are perfect! They can take any boring outfit, to very cute. Bring any cute bag that matches the colors in your outfit, and fill it with books and other class necessities. You can find cute winter bags anywhere from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Target. Cute tote bags are much better than a backpack.

So when you wake up to snow all around campus, make sure you try to keep your outfit warm and cute!