Staples for Interns

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Staples for Interns

This is a guest post written by our Florida State Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Caitlin Pfaff. She is a sophomore Marketing major at Florida State University.

Staples for making it through a day of interning

During my internship, there were always certain staples that helped me make it through the day. Here
were some of my favorite things:

The Tervis Tumbler is definitely one of my favorite things! I love them because they don’t sweat
everywhere and stain furniture (which is especially important when you’re working at an office). My
tervis tumbler was with my school’s mascot. This started conversation with lots of people in the office.
They also have NFL teams, MLB teams, many college teams, initials, or even just cute designs!

Hand Sanitizer: I always have a hand sanitizer in my purse or backpack. I liked having my hand sanitizer
nearby at work because germs spread everywhere! Especially when you’re using a copy machine a lot
– like most interns do. I like getting my hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works! They’re fairly priced
and come in a lot of nice scents. My personal favorite is sweet pea.

Post it Notes: I’m very organized and I constantly find myself reaching for a post-it note to write a
reminder or label something. Some offices will provide you with office supplies. If not, be sure to pick
up a pack to write yourself a reminder!

Granola Bars: I never forgot to throw a granola bar in my purse in the morning! If I ever got hungry at
work, it always helped my appetite! There are so many delicious options of granola bars. My favorite is
Special K Chocolatey Pretzel!