Staples for an Intern's Wardrobe

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Staples for an Intern's Wardrobe

This is a guest post from our current campus ambassador Caitlin. Caitlin is a sophomore at Florida State University, majoring in marketing.

Here were my staple wardrobe items from my internship this past summer:

  1. The classic black pencil skirt: The great thing about a black pencil skirt is that it always looks clean-cut and professional.  Its simplicity adds a lot of class.  One great thing about black is that it goes well with almost every other color so you can take a top and it’s a great match!  Another added bonus, you can find a lot of ways to wear your black pencil skirt outside of your internship.  New York and Company always has some great selections!
  2. A sensible pair of heels: I got my favorite pair of heels at Target on clearance one summer.  They’re perfect because they are professional with a comfortable heel.  The heels are great to have for more important occasions- like a meeting with your boss.  I wore my heels when I went to a recruitment fair with the Director of Recruitment during my internship.
  3. A nice pair of flats: During my internship this past summer, I spent the majority of my time standing at the copy machine scanning documents.  After wearing heels one day, it was just too much! The flats are comfortable and they come in so many varieties.  I found my favorite pair at Stein Mart for $30.  They’re silver Nine West flats with a bow for an added touch!
  4. A cute cardigan: This is such a huge staple in my wardrobe! Cardigans are great because it’s a nice way to add a colorful touch on a simple outfit.  My favorite cardigan is my cheetah cardigan!  I always got a lot of compliments whenever I wore that cardigan and I felt confident when I wore it.
  5. A colorful necklace: Colorful necklaces are another great way to liven up a simple outfit.  A great thing about necklaces is that you can find them anywhere! I always have great luck finding my favorite necklaces at Forever 21 and J. Crew.  Necklaces are a great way to show off your personality too!

And don’t forget, you’re never fully dressed without a smile! :)