Stay In Touch & Connected No Matter How Busy You Get

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Stay In Touch & Connected No Matter How Busy You Get

I had a great conversation with our former Intern Queen Ambassador from Providence College today. We were talking about her amazing new job and how she is staying on top of her work life and personal life. She shared some great information that I wanted to share with all of our Intern Queen readers.

1. Start a Private Facebook Group For Your Friends! Amanda mentioned one struggle was staying in touch with personal friends. Once you graduate, your friends move away and it's hard to stay in touch. Amanda has a great solution! She started a private Facebook group for her and her college friends so they could stay in touch frequently and drop each other little tid-bits. I love this idea!

2. Get Involved With Your Community. Amanda and I discussed how she used to be uber-involved with extra-curriculars in college and she finds herself missing those activities. To fix this dilemma, she is actively looking at some groups within her community (Junior League, etc) to make sure that she stays active and meets new people.

3. EverNote. Amanda uses this to stay connected and on top of things no matter where she is -- work life, personal life, etc.

4. LinkedIn Groups. To make sure she stays on top of her professional contacts (from inside and outside of her new job), Amanda uses LinkedIn Groups. She makes it a priority to stay involved in the discussions and post frequently.