Steps to Success on a Skype Interview

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Steps to Success on a Skype Interview

In this age of technology that we live in, applying for a job across the nation or even in another country has become possible with the aid of Skype interviews. Instead of asking someone to come to an interview thousands of miles away, companies are able to perform formal interviews with the candidate in order to eliminate travel. Here are some life saving tips on how to handle the Skype interview and how you can make a huge impression without being in the room with he interviewer.

1. Sit in a room where there is complete silence! Make sure the door is shut and no people are going to be walking around or making any noise in the background, it’s very distracting. Make sure the people you are living with understand you are doing a Skype interview and that the noise level should be kept to minimum. I even suggest putting a sign on the door! If the interview is important, you don’t want any interruptions.

2. Pick a plain setting. I know it would seem like a good idea to have beautiful window scenery in the background, but it’s very distracting. You don’t want the person interviewing you to be more focused on what’s going on in the background than what you have to say. If you decide to pick your bedroom as a background, make sure it’s limited to one plain wall, and that wall is free of pictures! There is nothing worse than an interviewer getting a peak at an unmade bed, dirty laundry or photos of your friends from last year’s spring break. It’s unprofessional, and embarrassing.

3. Dress the part! Just because you are sitting at a desk and the interviewer can see your choice of dress pants or skirts, doesn’t mean you should be in pajamas or sweats. Dress up for the interview from head to toe as if you were going into an office to interview directly. God forbid you have to stand up at any point in the interview and the interviewer sees those fuzzy pink slippers you decided to wear instead of professional shoes. If you dress and look the part, it will be easier to act the part and you’ll be more likely to land the position.

This blog was written by Madison Elliott, our Campus Ambassador at Quinnipiac University.