Still Need An Internship? Tell the World!

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Still Need An Internship? Tell the World!

This blog is written by our Drexel University Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Stephanie. If you go to Drexel and would like to become part of our Intern Queen Blog Network, comment on this blog and Stephanie will be in touch!

Are you still looking for a summer internship? Take it from me: it’s okay to wear a sign on your forehead that says “I need a job.” What I mean is that it’s essential for job/internship seekers to broadcast to everyone that they are looking for a job. It’s key not to appear desperate or repetitive, but important to get across a clear message to any professionals, students or business leaders that you are in the market for a stellar summer internship.

After an internship last year, I had no job lined up aside from classes in the fall. I knew that I needed to land an internship or part time job relevant to my field of PR/MKTG, but I had exhausted my go-to references. I tried my approach mentioned above. I email past professors, coworkers, friends and let them know about my job search and what I was looking for. I alluded to the search in many conversations and made it a point to connect with former employers every few weeks. I started to tell family members, classmates and anyone that asked me about my plans for the year. The ending? I landed an internship with a company I used to work for because they thought of me when something came up since I had just emailed their office.

You never know who might know someone who knows someone to help you land the perfect summer job or internship. Keep looking and keep telling the world!