Stop Blowing Off Interviews

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Stop Blowing Off Interviews

Dear potential intern candidates,

I'm begging you to please stop blowing off internship interviews. I've heard from a number of employers  about students who apply to specific internships, respond to the employer, and then blow off the interview.  This is extremely unprofessional. You MUST communicate with the employer. If you cannot make the interview for whatever reason - just be honest and send them an email ASAP. Completely blowing off an interview is not acceptable and remember - everyone knows everyone. You have no idea who these employers know in their personal and professional networks. Make sure you don't burn a bridge with anyone. If you are no longer available for the internship, don't feel bad, just be honest and send a nice note declining the opportunity. From an employer's point of view, they would much rather hear that you cannot do the internship before they bring you on board.

Please take this  note into consideration when/if you are contemplating blowing off an interview or employer's correspondence.

You can do this and you can do this the professional way!


Your Intern Queen, Lauren Berger