Stop Working 24/7! Tips to balance your life

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Stop Working 24/7! Tips to balance your life

I get it -- you just graduated and work has taken over your life. We’ve all been there. In fact, that’s what my second book (Welcome to The Real World/Harper Business 2014) is all about.

As I write my second book, I've been conducting interviews with some of my former Intern Queen Campus Ambassadors. I had a great call with my former USF Ambassador, Cat, yesterday (I’m very proud of her). We were talking about the importance of work/life balance and how it’s never easy. Here are a few tips that Cat and I discussed to help you keep your sanity:

1. Flexibility. Many companies (yes, even large Fortune 500 companies) are allowing employees to work from home one day a week. This might be an option for you and you’ll never know until you ask. Working from home one day or even one afternoon per week can help you get caught up while still feeling relaxed and like you have some personal time.

2. No Computer Zone. Cat was telling me that approx. 2 nights per week she doesn't let herself open her computer after work hours.

3. Go to the Gym. Cat swears by the gym and working out. She says it keeps her healthy and balanced. (I agree -- working out is one of the best ways to stay balanced).

4. No Laptop Weekends. Unless you have a must-do weekend project, stay away from your laptop on the weekends. Work while you are at work and enjoy while you’re at home.

5. Set Limitations For Yourself. How late will you work? How late will you stay at the office? Think about these things ahead of time so that you have a bit more control over them.