Story Time! I Spilled Coffee at My Internship!

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Story Time! I Spilled Coffee at My Internship!

Having 15 internships in college allowed me to gain real world experience that eventually helped me not only land a job after college but ultimately start Intern Queen back in 2009. Now, I also collected tons of stories of incidents that happened to me. Whether it be with co-workers, with work or other random things.

 Today, I wanted to share the story of the time I spilled coffee at my internship. By this point you probably already know I love coffee! (Seriously I drink at least one cup a day) Back then I loved coffee too (I had to wake up at 2am for this specific internship so you know coffee was definitely my go to!)

 Watch the video below and you’ll hear about the time I spilled coffee (really embarrassing!) but, I did learn something from the experience (I love how this always happens with internships) and of course, it came in handy!

 I know this video is a little different but, I hope you can relate and know that these kind of experiences happen to all of us. My advice, F.I.O. (figure it out) and you’ll be fine. :)