Stressed about Finding the Perfect One

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Stressed about Finding the Perfect One

This blog is written by Lauren N. our (2nd) Campus Ambassador at Binghamton University. She is studying Political Science and Business Management and will graduate in May 2014. She hopes to be a lawyer someday, specializing in either corporate or sports contract law.

So it’s the holiday season, and inevitably you’ll be asked about “the one.” Questions may include where this one is, what you have been doing, and how invested you are. Now if you are single, don’t start breaking into a sweat. These questions don’t necessarily have to be about the one, but about the perfect internship!

Since you are visiting, I am going to make the safe assumption that you are interested in internships and exploring your career options. Yet, what if you are interested in a field that has limited internship options? For instance, my interests lie in law and it is sometimes hard to find the perfect internship as an undergraduate. Many law firms take only law school interns, leaving many pre-law students out in the dust. So what’s a girl or boy to do when their main options for internships are limited? The answer here is simple: BE OPEN MINDED!

Recently, I was talking to my friend Monica, who is interested in becoming an entertainment lawyer. Not only is this field of law particularly hard to break into once one is already a lawyer, but internship options are often scarce in this business. Instead, she says that she is looking to find experience in the industry in general. She is keeping her options open, applying to places such as talent agencies and marketing/PR firms. She is hoping to gain first-hand experience about the industry that will help her break into entertainment law in the future. Also, the connections she could potentially make can be an important step towards becoming an in-house lawyer at a talent agency down the road.

Similarly, this semester I took an internship with a web marking website. I had some free time on my hands and decided to respond to an email my school career center sent out. I interviewed for the fun of it (or how ever fun an interview could be) and was surprisingly excited when I got the position. It was a really cool experience, especially since web marketing is such a different field from law. I got to write articles and network with industry professionals. I know the verbal and written communication skills I got to practice will now help me in any field I want to pursue, especially law where writing legal documents and communicating one’s ideas is a key part of the job.

The secret to finding a perfect internship is realizing that limiting yourself to a certain job may have negative repercussions in the future. Acquiring “transferrable skills” by just putting yourself out there and trying new things can not only be a great opportunity, but can also help you discover interests that you didn’t know you even had. This upcoming semester, I will once again be virtually interning for a website and could not be happier. Law will always be a passion of mine, but while my options are limited away at school, I am more than willing to gain experiences in different outlets.

When you are making your “internship dream lists” this winter break, don’t be afraid to add companies that are similar to your field, but are not exactly what you are looking to do in the future. Be confident in your abilities to rock any job or internship you apply for, and get ready to learn some cool, new things. I promise you that you won’t regret it!