A Student Asks the Intern Queen About Managing Two Internships

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A Student Asks the Intern Queen About Managing Two Internships

Q: Dear Intern Queen,

After applying to over 100 internships this year, I was awarded with two opportunities of a lifetime (in my humble opinion)! One is a paid internship at an advertising company. The other internship is at a huge, national company. It&s unpaid but the work will be really fun. Like the ambitious girl that I am, I accepted both positions. Luckily, the scheduling worked in my favor. However, the "fun" job requires its interns to participate in networking events and a big orientation while my other internship may want me to come in on days where I&m at the other job. How can I make sure that time doesn&t overlap, and how can I avoid being fired if it does? Thanks!

- Student at Howard University

A: Hello my ambitious one :) I like your energy. Reminds me of someone else I know (wink).

One reason that I was able to juggle multiple internships was because they were unpaid. You need to make sure you have a solid understanding of the hour requirements of each position. Send a professional email to the internship coordinator at the paid internship and tell her you are organizing your schedule for the summer and would love to know exactly what dates and times to make yourself available. I wouldn&t worry as much about the networking and extra events at the unpaid internship - as those will more than likely be extra and a fun bonus (should you get to attend). If the paid internship requires a full-time schedule, you will not be able to do both internships. This is important to figure out now as opposed to when you begin your internship. Figure this out ASAP!

Good luck.

Lauren Berger, &The Intern Queen"