Student Issue: Texting While Driving

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Student Issue: Texting While Driving

This is a guest post from my current Fall Intern & Campus Ambassador, Chandra Robrock. Chandra attends Florida State University and runs the blog, Ironically, I also attended Florida State University! Take a moment to read Chandra&s blog and then leave your thoughts on the subject.

{Beep...beep...beep} Your ears perk up. {Beep...beep...beep} you try and ignore it.  {Beep...beep...beep} but your curiosity gets the best of you. You take your hands off of the steering wheel and reach for you cell phone. The taunting glow from the screen reads “1 NEW MESSAGE.”

Texting while driving has proven to be a major issue for Gen X and Gen Y. According to KGB, the average teen sends 80 texts a day so that&s 560 texts per week and 29,120 texts per year. I send approximately 20-40 text messages per day.

Just a few years ago, the word “texting” wasn’t even a part of people’s regular vocabulary. Now it is nearly impossible to escape the term. Everywhere you go, you see someone, man, woman, or child, texting. It has become an important part of today’s culture.

Texting, although very convenient, can be very dangerous when done behind
the wheel of a car. Whether you have just started texting and need to constantly look at the screen while you are typing, or you are a texting pro and could text in yoursleep, any texting causes a major distraction.

Accidents related to the use of cell phones happen all of the time which is why thirty states have already made texting while driving illegal. I’m sure in the future, the rest will follow suit. Don’t think this should be a law in your state? Next time you are riding in a car, take a look & see how many people around you are texting or talking on their phone while driving – the results might scare you.

At my high school, we lost several outstanding students in car accidents due to texting while driving yet people still seem to do it. Wouldn’t it just be easier to ignore your phone until later?

Before you text and drive, ask yourself “Is this worth losing my life over? Is it worth the life of someone else – a stranger, a friend?” Chances are that if a text message IS that important, you should invest in a hands free headset & discuss the matter over the phone, if necessary.

The only time I text while I drive  is at a stop light or when I am stuck in traffic on the interstate, otherwise you will never catch me on my cell phone while driving.

If a friend is going to text and drive, I will offer to answer their texts for them and they will either have me text back for them or stop texting behind the wheel.

If you can&t stop texting, either turn your phone on silent so you don&t hear it, have the passenger (if you have one) answer the text message for you, or put the phone in your purse or out of reach so you aren&t tempted to text. Also, if it&s important, you can purchase a hands-free device & discuss the matter over the phone.

I want to hear your thoughts! Have you ever texted while driving? Have you ever ridden in the car with someone who was texting behind the wheel? Do you think every state should pass a law forbidding texting while driving?