Study Abroad Part 3

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Study Abroad Part 3

This is a guest post by our campus ambassador Angeliz Torres from University of Puerto Rico.

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve found my last two blogs to be useful. This will be the last
part of my Study Abroad series in which I’ll talk about what happened and what I did
once I was back home. Besides getting hit by reality, there are a few things I had to think
about, and you should to.

Reflect your experience, accomplishments, new friends, knowledge gained, and
everything else you got involved with! Now comes the tricky part, what are you going
to do about it? Personally, I did a lot of volunteer work and community service and was
involved in Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) so I started looking for community service
initiatives in Puerto Rico and get to know the local SIFE coordinators so I could begin
working with that here at home. So, think about what you did while you were abroad
and look to continue your efforts at home whether it be by joining the local chapter of an
organization or doing your own thing.

There’s a newfound confidence in you, make the most of it! I had just been away from
home for a semester, I had grown independent and I wasn’t going to back down. Take
initiative in looking for internships, mentorships or student advisor positions. Have faith
in your decisions and stick with them, believe me, conviction goes a long way.

Share your experiences with your friends and classmates. I believe everyone should go
abroad at least once during their college life and take on the challenge a new culture
presents. Volunteer to be a Study Abroad Advisor (I did!) and help others achieve what
you did. Like I said before, reflect and remember what you went through before and
during your study abroad experience and motivate others into searching for different
programs in order to find the one that best suits their needs.

Finally, don’t forget to keep in touch! I met lots of new friends, professors, and faculty
members that made my experience unique and I still tell them about how life’s treating
me now that I’m back in Puerto Rico. Professors like to know about your academic
progress and that you’re really trying to better yourself. Also, you always want to know
how your friends are doing, add them on FaceBook and Twitter! You never know when
you’ll need their help.

I hope everyone found my Study Abroad Series useful and I encourage you all to go
abroad and explore the world beyond your country of origin. You never know what
you’ll find and learn.