Stylish Bags and File Holders for an Interview

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Stylish Bags and File Holders for an Interview blog image

Stylish Bags and File Holders for an Interview

This blog was written by Jackie Murphy, our Campus Ambassador from University of New Hampshire.

You are heading out the door for your job interview, your outfit is on and pressed, your coffee brewed, and car full of gas. You just printed your resume, but what are you placing it in? Exterior presentation stretches beyond your clothing. Any files, portfolios, resumes, or letters of recommendations you bring to your interview can be well and stylishly presented if you invest in a good holder. Here are some great ones I’m a fan of:

1) See Jane Work is an all around wonderful website to buy office organization supplies. Here is a beautiful leather portfolio, which unfortunately is more of an investment than those you can find at CVS or Office Depot, but with all the colors it comes in it just might be worth it!

2) I love this file holder and bag all in one tote! It is functional with a stylish twist, and seems easy to put around your arm or wrist. I’ll have to start saving to buy myself one!

3) This website is also great for stylish organization purchases. It has some more colorful file tote ideas:

4) This is the most affordable option of the bunch. The downside is it’s not leather like the other options. But still a great choice!

Hope yours is bought and filled in time for your next interview!