Stylish Time Management: Fall Planners

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Stylish Time Management: Fall Planners

This blog was written by Campus Ambassador Laura
Notorangelo, a Business Communication major from Arizona
State University.

My planner is definitely the most important thing that keeps me organized throughout the year. In addition to planners, I use post it notes, virtual post it notes on my MacBook, to--‐do lists, a journal and my blackberry.

Here are some of my favorite customizable planners for the upcoming school year:

May Books

I recently purchased the most elegant planner from MayBooks, a company that manufactures custom made planners & notebooks. MayBooks has a vast array of designs to choose from with incredibly dashing patterns.
The background and title are both customizable in design, color and font. One can even go sans--‐logo for a simple cover.

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer is a fabulous designer who is famous not only for her sophisticated print dresses, but also her planners. Each planner is adorned with a fun and vibrant design, all offered in a rainbow of colors! I used one of Lilly’s planners for the past year because they have everything in one place. Included are sections for addresses, notes, holidays to celebrate, monthly calendars and weekly planners. The cute stickers are an extra bonus for you to embellish important days.

The Stationary Studio

The Stationary Studio is a fun resource because they sell customized planners as well as grocery lists, dry erase calendars, family agendas, to do lists and post--‐it planners. This store is perfect for all of your organization needs. What’s even better is that each product has customizable designs!