Summer Internships in LA!

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Summer Internships in LA!

Summer internship season is by far the most popular season for internships! This is because of a few reasons. First many students solely focus on only internships during this time as opposed to combining an internship with school and at at times even a part-time job! Secondly, students have the option to literally intern anywhere in the country/world and they take advantage of this opportunity to explore a new city while getting some internship experience under their belt! One of the most popular locations for students to intern during the summer is with no doubt in LA! Today, I wanted to share a full list of companies that are still looking for interns in the city of LA! If you’re interested and don’t currently live in LA make sure to include a customized cover letter stating that you are available to intern there this summer! Good Luck!

Summer 2016 Intern Queen Inc. Internship

Business/Marketing internship at Ellen’s Silkscreening

Fashion/PR internship at Heather Magidsohn Consulting

Arts and entertainment internship at Choice Group Inc.

Editorial internship at Popmania

Licensing/Marketing internship at Brand Central Group

Los Angeles Campus Representative at Glance

Brand Ambassador position at Lenny Inc. in Los Angeles

Publicity internship at Kip Morrison and Associates

Fashion internship at Lisa Kline

Entertainment internship at Gorgeous Media Group

Social media internship at The Glam App

Graphic Design internship at Sanctuary Clothing

Fashion internship at Sanctuary Clothing

Social media internship at Independent Production Company

PR internship at Miles High Production

Social marketing internship at Miles High Productions

Entertainment PR internship at Shelter PR

Digital marketing internship at Liftkits

PR internship at RF Binder

Music internship at SILO Music

PR internship at Integrated PR

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