Summer Internships STILL Hiring!

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Summer Internships STILL Hiring!

I’m so proud of those of you that have already landed that summer internship! I’m so excited for what’s to come these next few months. As I’ve mentioned before, I had some amazing summer internships while I was in college and know that you’re going to gain so much experience and learn a lot. For those of you still searching, no worries there are so many opportunities still open and I want to help you land that internship. Whether it be in-office or virtually I want to share some of the companies that are still looking for interns like you.

Scan the list below, and let me know which ones you apply for so that I can put in a good word for you with the hiring manager :)

Social Media internship at Ricart Insurance Agency

Marketing Internship at Good Solutions Group

Marketing internship at Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing

Marketing/Copywriting internship at Bobsled Marketing

Social media internship at Sunset & Hill Group

Fashion internship at Boston Caribbean Fashion Week

Digital Marketing internship at Motive

PR internship at Inkozi USA

Business Marketing internship at Previously Owned by a Gay Man

Social Media Content Brand Development internship at Elissa Goodman

Marketing/Business Development internship at Adbasis

Communications and Research internship at the Matthew Shepard Foundation

Fashion internship with Lisa Kline

PR internship at Passion PR

Writing internship at

Digital Marketing internship at Yellow Box Agency

Exhibits Design internship at Matrex Exhibits

Business/Account Management Graduate internship at Hustlemore PR

Digital Marketing internship at Arcalea

Public Relations internship at O’Reilly Del Palma