Summer Job Savings

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Summer Job Savings

This blog post was written by Catherine Okafor, Campus Ambassador from Barton College. Twitter @ABCsCollege

For those of you who will be working this summer, I know your parents may have already told you this but I want to put it in your ear once more. Saving some of your earnings for college is very important. Why?, you may ask. Saving money for college will help when unexpected things may come up while you are at college away from your parents who would be able to pay your way out of it.

Saving money is one thing that will help you become a more responsible young adult and it also teaches you a sense of independence. When I was a freshman I saved some of my hard working summer earnings and things such as food expenses, shopping trips with friends, textbooks costs, etc came up during my freshman year. I didn’t want to always rely on my parents or other family members to always give me money for the things. I made sure I always had money in my bank account to cover my own expenses.

When your parents begin to notice that you aren’t always asking for money, they will be more willing to help you out if anything major ever happens. When I say save your money, I don’t mean put 90% in your savings account. Put at least 40-50% of it in your savings and the remaining can be used however you choose. Always remember to check your account every now and then to make note of how much you are spending. You don’t want to overdraft, nobody wants that to ever happen.

Good luck!