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Summer Knowledge

This blog post was written by Catherine Okafor, Campus Ambassador from Barton College. Follow her on Twitter @ABCsCollege

With summer break in full bloom, some of us are enjoying our breaks and starting our first days at the internship and others are doing other exciting things. If you didn’t land that summer dream job- don't panic! Here is some friendly advice for you!

Some people don't know how to do certain things. This is not meant in a negative way because most of our parents do a lot for us and sometimes don't let us be as independent as we would like. There comes a time when we need to learn to become more independent, and what a better time than the summer! Your work load is lighter and you probably don't have to worry about studying for exams, it is the perfect time to learn, grow and more importantly, have fun.

Make a list of the things (cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, budgeting, organizing, time management, etc) that you aren't 100% confident in doing. With that list, find someone is highly knowledgeable of that certain thing and ask for help. For example, if you have no clue how to cook ask your parents or anyone else (it doesn't have to be a world renowned chef) to help you make a simple dish. While in college you are probably not going to have to make gourmet dishes but you do need to know how to put together something without burning the house down. Or better yet, grab some friends and enroll in a local cooking class.
So sit down and think about it! What can and can't you do or what would you want to learn how to do.

Have fun and good luck!