Summer Prep for Senior Year

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Summer Prep for Senior Year

This is a guest blog post written by Sophia Ciancone, our Ohio University Campus Ambassador.

It’s almost unbelievable how quickly four years of college ends. All of a sudden it’s the summer before your senior year and you have a mile long to-do list to make sure you accomplish everything you need. Here are 5 things you can accomplish before you even step foot back on campus in the fall to get you ahead:

1. Have a plan… or 4. It’s okay to be unsure exactly what you are going to do the day you graduate. But, it’s important to have goals and ideas of what you might want to do. Have a Plan A, B, C and D to make sure you are covering all the possibilities and then make sure you are prepared to conquer all of these plans. Some may take more prep than others, like studying for an entry exam to grad school and others may just take a small tweak of your resume. Nonetheless, make sure you’re plans are made and you can achieve them.

2. Perfect your resume. It’s important to have the best version of your resume possible. So, utilize your professors while you still have them. Ask them for pointers on word usage, design and content. This is a crucial time for your resume to speak for you. Make sure it’s saying great things!

3. Practice interviewing. Interviewing for a job after college will be nerve-wracking and very competitive so it’s important to bring your A game. Nothing improves interviewing like practice. Accept every interview that comes your way just to get accustomed and practice with your friends and family whenever you get the chance.

4. Save money. Once you graduate you are going to need money. Money for an apartment, food, dress clothes, etc. The summer leading up to senior year is the perfect time to put a few bucks in a saving account to make sure you have a cushion to fall back on.

5. Make a Bucket List. This is it! You’ve made it to your final year of college. Although it is absolutely vital to stay on track to make sure you walk and receive a diploma, it’s important to enjoy the last few months on your beautiful college campus and spend quality time with friends. Make a list of activities you have to accomplish before graduation day. This way when you leave, you won’t feel like you’re leaving too much behind!

So, this summer is important! There are plenty of things you can accomplish to give yourself a little push. Get ahead of the game and get started now!