Summer Snooze Leads to School Blues

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Summer Snooze Leads to School Blues

This blog was written by Elyse our Spring Creek Academy High School Ambassador. If you attend Spring Creek and want to blog for us comment below.

It&s summer. Time to let loose at Gatsby-esque mansions, indulge in lush afternoon shopping sprees, and spend weekends on crystal clear lakes. You can kiss physics class away and exchange it for mid-morning sun basks, swoon over boys at your local hot spot in town, or nosh on gelato at your  favorite italian parlor. Whatever the occasion, summer festivities include loads of laughter, and smiley midnight memories. We forget about productivity with simplistic ease, and rely on Tuesday morning facials to rid ourselves of stress-filled thoughts. At least, that&s what I tend to do. Despite the temporary high that summer provides, there are aspects in life that require pertinacious planning and a focused mentality. With lack thereof, becoming lost in giddy thoughts is highly probable and not promising.

In order to stay on cloud nine after the hype dies, relying on moderation is vital. Keep productive activities close to your schedule, wake up with purpose, and take a day off of partying to relinquish and revitalize your body. Just because your curfew was extended two extra hours, doesn&t mean you&re required to fill up the new gap. You could follow the works of Plato, or discover the history behind Chanel&s little black dress. Create a &geek chic& persona and delve into the trenches of tech -savvy innovations, tune into your inner glamour gal and analyze the geometric motifs of Madeleine Vionnet&s charmeuse creations, or avidly read about nuclear engineering. Whether you&re into scientific theories, or anthropology, bettering yourself is a sign of productivity, which ultimately leads to unstoppable greatness.

Although I thoroughly enjoy acrylic manicures and pampering my skin with lemon concentrated serums, tranquility remains absent until my responsibilities are conquered.

Being a newcomer to the multitasking scene involved five different internships, SAT studying binges, eight hour shifts at Ralph Lauren, and five hour sleep sessions on a floral duvet. At first, juggling my new atmosphere was a challenge, but after a dosage of Advil, and heaps of determination, I quickly became acquainted and accustomed to my new journey. The knowledge I acquired was no longer idle and new opportunities were presented every sunrise. Therefore, fellow socialites, party hard, but work harder. It will make all the difference once summer has ended, and ultimately, once your life truly begins.