Sun, Sand & Summer Internships!

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Sun, Sand & Summer Internships!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had an amazing week! Over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing all sorts of summer internship opportunities we are posting on the site. I’m so happy to be getting emails from all of you telling me you’ve been hired! For those of you who are still searching for that perfect summer internship opportunity, here is a list of new summer internships that went up on the site this week. Make sure to send in those customized resumes and cover letters. Need help writing your cover letter? Check out this week’s new video where I tell you exactly what to include.

Marketing and Communications internship at the American Diabetes Association

Programs, special events and fundraising internship at the American Diabetes Association 

Marketing internship for fashion start-up Ms. Dress Up Inc. 

Social Media internship for fashion start-up Ms. Dress Up Inc. 

PR internship at fashion start-up Ms. Dress Up Inc.

Summer internship at Intern Queen Inc. 

PR internship at Shelter PR in New York 

Social media internship at Zindigo Daily

Pinterest and Twitter internship at Diva Talk Radio

Fashion/PR internship at Heather Magidsohn Consulting 

Arts & entertainment internship at Choice Group Inc. 

Brand Ambassador at Letter 9 in Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, and Kenessaw state 

Editorial internship at Popmania 

Interior design internship at Chaira de Rege Interiors 

Editorial internship at CRWN Magazine

Licensing/Branding/Marketing internship at Brand Central Group 

PR internship at Fournier PR 

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